The new National Bank Museum A fabulous history of money.

Posted on 24.01.2018


The new National Bank (la Banque Nationale) museum is offering us a journey into the history of money. From its beginning until today, the scenography presents a timeline  marked with exceptional pieces, “the most beautiful historic and numismatic collection” confides Jan Smets of LLB on January 16, 2018.

The headquarters of the Credit Union of Brussels (l’Union du Crédit de Bruxelles) built in 1872, today entirely renovated and which houses this new museum, is the perfect example of what represents banking architecture in the industrial area of Belgium.

History is not presented here for its own sake, but it helps the visitor to gain a better understanding of the central bank’s sphere of operation. By combining the contemporary and historical perspectives, the exhibition makes it very easy to understand how the central bank’s activities influence society and the economy in general, and the finances of every citizen in particular.

Money in every day life, Belgian money, money across history, the Euro, a child’s bankbook, ... experts and amateurs will not be left out.


T 02 221 22 06 or 02 221 36 21

Musée de la Banque Nationale
Rue Montagne aux herbes Potagères, 57 – 1000 Bruxelles
From Monday to Friday from 9h till 17h.