The opening of a big hospital at the cutting edge in Brussels. On the Delta Site in Auderghem.

Posted on 10.12.2017

Clinics and hospitals

Nearly 10 years since they were merged, the two hospitals, Edith Cavell in Uccle and Parc Léopold in Etterbeek, have worked together.

Today, this has been achieved !  On the Delta Site in Auderghem a new hospital has arrived, CHIREC !

A building of 104 000 m2, will house 545 beds, divided into 300 rooms, where three-quarters of them will be single rooms, and 48 ,“suites”.

The ground floor will be a real living space with shops: pharmacy, opticians, a restaurant with a paper and gift corner, and, a Carrefour Express, as well as a counter for the registrar for the municipality of Auderghem.

The modern and efficient organisation of this new hospital will make available 28 operating rooms, medical imaging rooms, intensive care and emergencies and a large space dedicated to consultations.

Of course, the hospital will have the latest in technology and will have WFII everywhere.

In a few months’ time, the end of the E411 will have direct access to the hospital.

Boulevard du Triomphe, 201
1160 Auderghem