The perfect flatshare is a flat and a room where you feel at home, and flatmates you get along with well!

Posted on 14.04.2013

You are moving to Belgium and looking for an accommodation for your studies or your first job? Finding a suitable place to live in a foreign country can sometimes be challenging. Whether you are moving for 6 months or for the next 5 years, sharing a flat might be the perfect solution for you. First, it is great value for money but it is also a friendly and practical solution: it is very likely that your roommates will have various interests and friends, therefore it is a great opportunity to learn things about your new city and meet new people.


How to find the perfect accommodation? The first aspect to take into consideration is the location of the flat compared to the location of your studies or your job, especially if you would like to avoid a long commute. The environment and the neighbourhood are also important: green spaces, shops, cafes and restaurants…a friendly neighbourhood matters to make yourself feel at home.

The size of the flatshare is also important: not too small but not too big either. Don’t choose a flatshare solely based on what your future room looks like, carefully check the common rooms of the flat, where you will probably also spend a lot of time. You have to feel at home in every room.


Never agree to take a room without seeing it first! You are going to spend several months in this flat and need to make sure it fits your requirements. Why not prepare a checklist of points to mentally run through during your viewing? Here a few tips: luminosity, proximity of grocery shops, size and set up of the room, furnished or not, general neatness of the living-room, bathroom and kitchen…

Last buy not least: you obviously need to meet with your potential future flatmates! Talking to the people you might end up living with and knowing them better is crucial to make sure your lifestyles will not drastically clash and that you will be able to cohabit in harmony.


In short, the perfect flatshare is a flat and a room where you feel at home, and flatmates you get along with well!


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