The quality of air with we breathe, where to find information? We have the means to act!

Posted on 08.11.2017

Waste disposal and recycling

We speak about it every day ! We are responsible for the quality of air which we breathe.  We have, as individuals, the means to act !

Where to find information on the CO²/carbon*footprint and advice to reduce it ?

The site for the climate department of the federal administration of the environment, general information on climate change:


The site of the Walloon Air and Climate Agency (AWAC) also updates us on the quality of air and climate changes.  This site enables us to calculate our daily impact.


The site of Brussels Environment, a very practical site which is full of information useful in our daily life.

Website gives us advice for building purchases, electricity, multimedia.

Website of the ASBL Ecoconso encourages us to behave with the utmost respect towards our environment.



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