The Solvay House open to the public A jewel of Art Nouveau

Posted on 22.01.2021


The Hotel Solvay, a jewel of Art Nouveau, is probably one of the most beautiful buildings remaining from Horta in Brussels.

The construction of the house was entrusted to Victor Horta in 1895 by Armand Solvay, son of Ernest Solvay.

 It was completely finished, including the interior fittings, in 1903.

Indeed, Victor Horta was not only the architect, but every element of the interior decoration was designed by him.

In this conception of total art and the integration of decorative arts, Horta created his own  furniture and the very details of his houses.

The furniture, ornamentation, lamps, paneling, marble and ironwork were designed by Horta.

The building is one of the most remarkable creations that Horta has developed during one of its most innovative periods

Visit two days a week, Thursday and Tuesday by reservation.

Avenue Louise, 224 - 1050 Elsene