Three books to become unbeatable about Brussels and Belgium "The strangest country in the world".

Posted on 04.11.2020

What you should know about Brussels before arriving

100 Belgian Icons by Derek Blyth

100 insightful and fun-to-read texts by Belgium connoisseur and fan Derek Blyth about iconic Belgian traditions, places, artists, oddities, buildings, sayings, and moreThis affectionate cultural guide celebrates 100 icons that make Belgium different from any other country. In 100 short, informative texts, the author talks about food, people, places, traditions, inventions, buildings, and even expressions, that have shaped what he calls 'the strangest country in the world'.

The author examines themes that are famously Belgian, like comic books, mussels served with fries, cycle racing, art nouveau architecture and rain. But he also looks at some of the off surprises of Belgian life, including vertical archery, grandmothers' cooking, pigeon racing and the everyday expression 'non peut-étre' (no maybe).

You will find out about the monks who brew the best beer in the world, the largest dinosaur collection ever found, the longest tram ride in the world, the curious charm of ugly Belgian houses, and how a country can survive without a government for more than 500 days.This book is not meant to be an exhaustive guide to Belgium, but a personal pick of the icons that make Belgium unique, along with a selection of useful addresses to visit.

The texts are accompanied by 100 original illustrations by Antwerp illustrator Emma Verhagen that capture the unique sprit of Belgium.

Luster Editions
100 Belgian Icons


artisans bruxellois

« Know How-40 artisans bruxellois d’exception » (Nice encounter with Brussels artisans).
The Prismes Edition and the Fondation pour les Arts are presenting their book "Know How - 40 exceptional Brussels artisans".
Their goal: to draw portraits of men and women craftsmen in Brussels. Delphine Martens (editor) and Julien Hayard (photographer) met these aficionados in their workshops, the opportunity to highlight the hand skills still practiced in Brussels.
Ironwork, art locksmithing, restoration of architectural heritage, design, cabinetmaking, electricity, upholstery, carpentry, mosaic, decorative painting, plumbing, rockery, staff, stucco, stone cutting, roofing and carpentry, stained glass.
Cherry on top, the book also offers readers to learn more about the structures and establishments that offer manual courses.

Prisme Editions
“Know How-40 exceptional Brussels artisans”


Cinémas de Bruxelles

An unprecedented set of images of the facades of yesterday's cinemas taken in various places in the city.  photographed in their current state, still in use or abandoned.
The author also looks at what has become the 7th art today, in constant change.

Isabelle Biver et Marie-Françoise Plissart
CFC Editions
Cinémas de Bruxelles