Tickets in Bruxelles. Watch out, it is not only the police who can book a ticket.

Posted on 25.11.2013

Since a few days,  it will be dangerous to drive on the lanes reserved for buses. Indeed, the STIB reckons that around 25 cars per hour disrupt the flow of public transport.

From now on, a fine of 60 euros will be imposed on lawbreakers! Watch out, the STIB can serve a ticket themselves!

If you are badly parked in a forbidden place or you block the traffic, or if you contravene the highway Code, it’s the police who will book a ticket.

Parking :

When you have to pay for parking, never forget to take a ticket from the nearest parking meter and put it in such a way that it is visible in your car.

If you have forgotten to feed the parking meter, it is a private company who will give you a “procès-verbal” (parking ticket). Be careful, they walk around dressed in green, up and down the streets the whole day! It is difficult to escape them!

You are allowed a free quarter of an hour.

Between 12.30 and 13.30, you generally don’t have to pay!

Carefully read the instructions on the parking meter itself.


The annual Bob campaign against drunk driving will get under will get under way this weekend (November 30th). This is two weeks earlier than in previous years. The campaign to encourage sobriety at the wheel will run for a full two months. 

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