Travel without leaving Brussels Your culinary world tour.

Posted on 31.07.2017



Roast chicken like in the streets of Lima
King Kong (Saint-Gilles)

Octopus the way they do in Puglia
Moni (Sainrt Gilles)

Kanelbullar from Stockholm
Fika (Ixelles)

Authentic dim sum from Shanghai
Dam Sum (Ixelles)

Delicious pizza like in Naples
La Bottega della Pizza (Saint-Gilles)

Ceviche from Paris
La Cervicheria (Ixelles)

Pho from Hanoï
Phopho (Bruxelles)

Burgers the way they're done in Manhattan
Manhattan's (Ixelles)

Real ramen like in Kyoto
Umamido (Ixelles)

Greek mezze from Santorinini
Strofilia (Ixelles)


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