Two books to get to know Brussels ... ... in a sporting way

Posted on 18.08.2016

Guided Tours in Brussels

To get to know Brussels, there are two books which we think are fantastic because they’re off the beaten track and they make you move in all directions by foot or by bike.

If you do all of the walks, you’ll become a pro of the European Capital ! And, if by chance, you take great pictures, send them to us, we’ll publish them and your name will be on Instagram and Facebook. We promise !

«Randonnées en boucle à Bruxelles et dans sa périphérie », HENRI CORNE,
(« Hiking trails in Brussels and its suburbs")
Edition GR sentiers 2014


« Les plus belles balades à vélo »
12 boucles en famille à Bruxelles
(«The most beautiful bike rides » - 12 family circuits in Brussels)
André Van der Elst
Editions Racine 2016

Les plus belles balades à vélo à Bruxelles éditions Racine

You'll find them in all good bookshops.

We bought them in a key location in Brussels where every expat should go  regularly to draw leisure information. It's a lovely spot in Brussels.

BIP (Brussels Info Place)
rue Royale 2, 1000 Brussels
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