Victoria's kindergarten, a place to Live, Love and Learn positive approach English-speaking

Posted on 21.06.2015

Schools using new educational methods

We are pleased to announce that in January 2016 we will be opening an English-speaking kindergarten for children between the ages of 3 and 6. Our positive approach puts the head, the heart and the body in the center of our teaching methods. We strongly believe that a child with a healthy body, capable of putting it into movement and with a happy heart is a child ready to learn.

The curriculum will be based on the British “Early Years Foundation” program and will offer a wide ranging education for children from the age of 3. This will provide the children with a solid foundation to enter the primary school of their choice.

English-speaking teachers and experienced assistants will provide the children with a stimulating and dynamic curriculum, a full English immersion in a friendly and caring environment. Children will also benefit from activities in French to encourage them to express themselves in both languages. A specialist in “kinesiology” and “brain gym” will come to Victoria’s Kindergarten twice a week to offer a variety of activities teaching children how to link their body with their feelings.

Every Wednesday afternoon, Victoria’s Kindergarten will organise fun English classes where children will enjoy nursery rhymes, songs and stories in English. Your children are also invited to join our creative Saturday mornings, based on the five senses (baking, music sports, art and craft). Stages will be organised during the school holidays. All these extra-curricular activities are open to all children (not only children from the school) from 2,5 to 6 years old.