VocaBRUlary "LA COUQUE", one of those small words and acronyms you don’t really know what they mean or what they stand for unless you have truly become a Brusselian (which we hope you will).

Posted on 14.12.2014

Sunday brunches

“Couque” is simply the word for pastry. It is used for puff pastries filled with chocolate bars, raisins, apricots, cream or nuts for example. So what is internationally referred to as a “pain au chocolat” is called a “couque au chocolat” in Brussels. Belgium has a strong tradition of baking and pastry-making, and belgians abroad miss their “couques” as much as Italians miss their ristretto.

A few things to taste while you are here:

- The Pain Quotidien’s version of the “MERVEILLEUX”. Meringue, whipped cream and chocolate. Just awesome.

- Gallens’ “MISERABLE”, available at Delhaize. Definitely doesn’t deserve the name.

- “TIRAMISU AU SPECULOOS”, the Belgian version of the Italian Tiramisu. Recipe available in all supermarkets on the packages of Galbani Mascarpone . Just replace the lady fingers with speculoos.