Walking in Brussels to build a healthy, sustainable and pleasant city.

Posted on 15.09.2021

Shared mobility

Brussels: “the city of 15 minutes”, with a human face, where everyone can find services and shops close to home.
Walking is a natural part of the Good Move* plan: to make Brussels a green, social, pleasant, healthy, efficient and safe city.

Today, 37% of journeys in Brussels are already made on foot. By 2030 it should reach 50%.

In order to promote walking, the Brussels-Capital Region and Good Moove  are currently developing a “pedestrian roadmap” which aims to make Good Move's actions related to walking more concrete and to make the city more pleasant for pedestrians.
They provide for the creation of "pedestrian Magistrales" over approximately 11.4 km (not counting public squares), by 2030.

"Pedestrian Magistrales" are based on 3 principles:

  • Prioritize walking (and living) over other modes,
  • Connect to urban transport,
  • Facilitate crossings and offer maximum accessibility.

To date, 1.6 km of roads meet these standards.

Walking is beneficial:

  • for mental and physical health
  • from an environmental, social and economic point of view
  • For the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants.

To encourage walking in Brussels, Mobility applications and online maps have integrated “walking” as a means of transport and offer adapted routes and timings.

Brussels on foot
CityMapper (Instantly compare your travel options in real time for all urban mobility)
Movit (public transport)
Whim (easy access to all modes of transport)


* Regional Mobility Plan for the Brussels-Capital Region