Wellness Waer Waters One Resort, infinite sensations

Posted on 20.02.2016

Centres to get you into shape 

Waer Waters offers a virtual smorgasbord of options: inside & outside, hot & cold, with & without swimwear. Our facilities have two clearly demarcated zones, allowing both clothed and textile-less guests to enjoy wellness in their preferred manner.

From a refreshing 10°C to a heart-warming 36°C - at Waer Waters you will discover a range of temperatures in all kinds of guises: steam baths, saunas from the four corners of the earth, plunge pools, swimming ponds, experience showers, an ice fountain, hammams and much, much more...
The outdoor saunas in the barn-wood wellness pavillions offer gorgeous panoramic views on the courtyard. First you enjoy the heat, then you take a breath of fresh air outside.

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Rodenberg 21, 1702 Groot-Bijgaarden
T02 467 08 08

Open every day, 7 days a week
incl. bank holidays
from 11AM till 11PM