What's new in the Brussels museum world ? Today & Tomorrow !

Posted on 01.02.2017




2016 was the year of the birth of MIMA (Millenium Iconoclast Museum of Art) and of ADAM (Art and Design Atomium Museum).

Given its huge success, the Horta House has acquired new rooms. 
The free rooms and an extensive reorganisation by Ozon, the architects, have created a real Brussels’ jewel.
This is excellent news.
Also an occasion to organise temporary exhibitions there from now on. At the moment: “A game of shadows and light, Art Nouveau revisited by five creators*
Maison Horta
Rue Américaine, 25
1000 Bruxelles

The BELvue museum, an excellent starting point for those who have just moved to Brussels, for a better knowledge of our country.
This year the museum carried out a complete restoration of the permanent exhibition.
Belgium and its history are presented all along a thematic journey and in one gallery there are more than 200 objects.
The exhibition gives vital keys to a better understanding of Belgium and the present society.
The stage design is modern and the accent is put on interactivity. During a visit you can see, hear, and touch…
IMPORTANT : The museum is in 4 languages (NL-FR-DE-EN) and a number of activities for children are available, notably board games for families (all in 4 languages as well).
The cherry on the cake (GB) !!), each first Sunday of the month (from February to May), a guided visit is organised for the families (parents and children together).
Don’t miss this jewel located in the magnificent Place des Palais … almost in the palace !
Musée BELvue
Place des Palais 7,
1000 Bruxelles




MAD Brussels takes care of the promotion of Brussels’ designers and stylists at national and international level.  A new magnificent building wonderfully restored by the office of architecture V+ and the collective Rotor located in Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains, in the heart of the Dansaert quarter, houses the activities of this extremely dynamic sector in our city.
The Grand Opening will take place on April 20, 2017
MAD Brussels
Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains, 10
1000 Bruxelles
site web




The idea is born to make the Citroën building, in partnership with the Centre Pompidou of Paris, an important modern and contemporary art museum.
Place de l'Yser, 7 (very near Tour&Taxis)
1000 Bruxelles

2017 will also see the birth of the Maison de l’Histoire européenne, in the annexe of the Parlamentarium building.

The Bourse will be transformed into a beer museum, the Belgian BeerWorld, in 2019.  In order to do this, a total renovation of the building, bought in 2012 by the City of Brussels, is foreseen from 2017.  It will house a permanent and interactive exhibition on the subject of beer.  The basements will bring a boost to the Bruxella archeological site 1238*
Place de la Bourse
1000 Bruxelles
*Bruxella 1238 is an archeological site located in the centre of Brussels, at the foot of the Bourse and accessible to visitors (ticket can be collected at the Museum of the City of Brussels). Each first Wednesday of the month, visit of the site at 10h15 (English), 11h15 (French), and 14h (Dutch). Bruxella 1238


MIMA Brussels



MAD Brussels

MAD Brussels


CITROEN (futur Contemporary Art)

Citroen Contemporary Art


THE STOCK EXCHANGE (futur Beer Museum)

Stock Exchange Brussels Beer Museum