Expats in Brussels, Why? Who are we ?

Posted on 12.08.2017

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Our mission

- To simplify your arrival and installation in Brussels by giving you the necessary information.

- To put you in contact with the specialists of expatriation, those whose profession is to better integrate the expat as quickly as possible in his/her new life.

- To inform you of the available activities for expats in Brussels.

- To update you of the events organised especially for the expat community.    

- To give you general information which affects directly or indirectly your daily life in Brussels.

- Without forgetting to share  the social side for a happy, balanced and fulfilled life in Brussels. 


Who are we ?

The first edition of the Guide came out in 2000.  It was created by two Brussels’ ladies, Claire and Anne-Claire, at the head of two families who returned from several years of expatriation.

In 2010, Florence, also a Brussels’ lady with a long experience of a family expatriation in Japan - Philippines - France - Italy and Greece , took over.

With her daughter Victoire and a dynamic team, today Expats in Brussels brings together their skills and experiences, in order to be at the service of new arrivals in Brussels.

The changes, the ads, the updates, are integrated into the site on a daily basis.

The paper version is simultaneously corrected and edited each year during the month of May and 15000 copies are distributed free of charge in the expat network in Brussels.

We are more than a simple guide; we are an indispensable travel companion.

Thank you for following us.

This site is your site, your suggestions, information, ads, events..are all welcome! 

And….Welcome to Brussels

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