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Posted on 23.09.2020


Twice a month, an artist introduces you to his practice and gives you the opportunity to explore new techniques and forms of artistic expression (sculpture, engraving, writing, sound creation, illustration, ceramics etc.)

For this series of workshops led by the artist Camille Van Hoof as part of the exhibition Xavier Noiret-Thomé & Henk Visch. Panorama, create shamanic postcards.

Postcards truly are wonderful things: they act as portals to magical realms. Once you post them, they become time bombs of emotions, messages sent through time.

Let’s use them as amulets, as offerings to the magical beings who inhabit our minds. Let’s turn into shamans, let’s share our ancestral wisdom, let’s whip out some feathers, pens and brushes and let’s send – without delay – a message to the cosmos.

Practical information

Wednesday > Sunday
14 :00 > 16:00
5,00 € (entrance to the exhibition included and material provided)
30.09.2020 – shamanic masks to get rid of all your problems
14.10.2020 – portrait game
28.10.2020 – magical amulets
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