How to vote for the European elections if you are a non-Belgian? How to proceed ?

Posted on 16.01.2019

Brief history of the European Union

Do you want to vote for the 2019 European elections ?

If you are a non-Belgian, here is what you have to do:

First of all, if you was registered as a voter for the municipal elections, you have to know that you are not automatically registered on the electoral roll. So you must register AGAIN for the European election.
Those elections to choose the representatives in the European Parliament, will be held on 26 May 2019. If you are a citizen of a country of the European Union And you want to vote for candidates from Belgian lists,  you have to register as a voter before 28 February 2019. Don’t forget to join a copy of your ID card.
You can register via the online form 

If you can’t vote in Belgium, check this website for another solution.

a website providing information on how to vote in different countries.