Youtic! Online shopping near you.

Posted on 08.07.2015

Corner of Pleasures


In two words, what is Youtic ?


A new concept !

Local shops online.
Their aim is to give shops near you the opportunity to benefit from the facilities which internet offers us today so that they have the same visibility as the big supermarkets.


YOUTIC makes it possible for buyers : 


·     to have a bigger access to shops nearby.

·     to discover the most unique and authentic products.

·     to remove the border between physical commerce and e-commece.

·     to discover new products in shops that buyers love.

·     to reserve online or to prepare a visit to a shop.

·     to buy with ease.

YOUTIC is also a complete and simple tool, destined for shopkeepers who wish to create new selling opportunities.


What can we find on YOUTIC ?


Fashion, sport, gastronomy, toys, decoration and Belgian designers.

Don’t hesitate to go mad and surf on :

And don’t miss our partner Gil Galway, men’s boutique :