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As relocation and coaching professionals, and as former expats, we consider with as much care both the practical and emotional aspects of a relocation, and engage ourselves to deliver relocation services (house and school search, settling-in assistance, orientation tour, departure services ...) and family support (individual coaching, welcome sessions, one to one meetings) with the same professionalism.

Here is our gift to you:
Settle & Connect.
With a wealth of knowledge from dozens of professionals and expats in Brussels, it offers expert advice with a unique perspective on common issues that expats face while transitioning to a new life abroad. Know and feel that you and your family are Welcome in Belgium. Connect now with expats, experts and professionals all in one place.

Pauline Six and Eléonore van Rijckevorsel
Tel: +32 493 19 30 32
and www.settleandconnect.com
Email: connect@brightexpats.com