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Deodato Art

Rue Saint-Jean, 28 - 1000 Bruxelles
+32 (0)2 808 74 43

After conquering Italy and Switzerland, the Deodato Art gallery has moved into the centre of Brussels to promote, in the capital of Europe, great names as well as the latest international shoots in Pop Art and Street Art.

"Deodato Art is mainly present online, but also physically in several countries," explains Deodato Salafia, the founder of the gallery. After opening three branches in Italy, two of them in Milan, and several others in Switzerland and Hong Kong, we chose Brussels to open a new international headquarters because, among the European cities, it is one of the most dynamic and visited. Rich in galleries, art venues and museums, Brussels unites the frenzy of an economic centre with that of the most sophisticated artistic avant-garde. This dual dynamic is perfectly in line with our DNA and our concern to promote young creation as well. "