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Giotto Services SRL

Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre 17, - 1020 Laeken (Greenbizz)

Working a lot from home lately? Are you tired of spending 7+hours at the kitchen table?
Swap this improvised set-up for a more ergonomic home-office. With Giotto, in just a few clicks you can rent a set of teleworking furniture: chair, desk, storage and lighting, delivered and installed at your home, just for the time you need it.
Giotto is the Brussels start-up that aims to radically change the way people buy, use and part with their furniture, through a circular business model. At Giotto, we select items that are designed to last, simple to assemble and disassemble. And because we want to limit our environmental footprint, we only use European manufacturers.
Visit our website to discover our packs and our special offer: the Se:motion ergonomic chair for only 17€/month! And make yourself comfortable!