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ISF Tervuren International School

Stationsstraat, 3 – 3080 Vossem-Tervuren
02 767 30 98

ISF Tervuren International School has served expatriate families and their young children in the Tervuren area for over 40 years. We are highly regarded in the community and we hold prized accreditations with the Council of British International Schools, the Association of British Schools Overseas and the Council of International Schools. ISF Tervuren is officially rated by COBIS as an 'excellent school which provides an outstanding quality of education and care'. We provide an exciting environment and creative teaching which, coupled with an active learning approach, ensures an outstanding learning journey. Small class sizes, no larger than 16, ensure personalised learning with high quality teachers in each class and specialists leading French, Music and EAL programmes. We seek to provide 'The Best Possible Start in Life' to every child attending the school.