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Kazidomi (Healthy food)

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Kazidomi was founded with the goal of providing a dynamic, practical and user-friendly platform for the online purchase of healthy and affordable dry foods.

It aims to provide products to health-conscious people in an easy, affordable and transparent way.

The website currently counts around 500 SKUs of dry food products and supplements. Most of those products are organic. However, the goal is to extend the range to non-food related to health.

Every product on the platform has been carefully selected by a panel of doctors and nutritional experts to offer a perfect quality. A first check is made based on a strict grid of criteria and then our medical committee oversees the final decision. No more need to verify every sticker in details, you can now trust the products you buy.

The platform functions with filters, you can sort products based on your health profiles and access an online supermarket that fits your requirements.