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Did you say Koezio?
Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at our Koezio Special Agent Centre! Action, brainstorming and teambuilding is what you will get at this indoor leisure park that has no equivalent in the world.
With a park that is accessible to everybody whether athletic or not (min. height requirement: 1,40 m), Koezio is proud to entertain families, friends, leisure associations, school groups and corporations.
The perfect location for an unusual outing, a birthday party, a stag night or hen party. Our entertainment concept can be adjusted to your special events. Extend the experience, pick one of our customized packages and enjoy a meal on location.
Pool together your team of Special Agents, successfully cross our different Districts and possibly enter the Koezio Hall of Fame!
Focus, courage and team spirit will be key to your success.