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The Ommegang pageant reflects an important moment of our history which we want to perpetuate as it continues to bear witness to our grandeur : we welcomed the greatest Emperor of all time and showed him we could give a reception worthy of that immense nobleman. Our purpose of the Ommegang is to make our compatriots aware of their national history, to inform them and document their past so that they can better understand their future. To visitors, we offer a historical portrait of our country and the role it played at all levels : history, economy, the arts, culture, etc. You will see the major efforts devoted to reconstituting that memorable day of 2nd June 1549, which made our Ommegang an event of prime importance. It consistently attracts large crowds and signifies a lot of social-economic advantages for our City and our country.The Ommegang takes place on 3rd July (21h) and Thursday 5 July 2012 (21h).