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Out of the Box (An out-of-the-ordinary creative education)

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It is reckoned that almost 35% of young Belgians between the ages of 15 and 20 drop out of a traditional school education, refuse to attend school, and deliberately put themselves on the fringes of any kind of learning. The focus of Out of the Box is self-confidence and self-awareness, creative work, and the (re)discovery of the pleasures of learning, outside the vicious circles of hostility perforce resulting from the situation of these young people.

Informing rather than instructing, introducing imagination and wit into information and training, inspiring new ideas, combining art with apprenticeship, mixing pleasure and perseverance, and accepting the unforeseen to gain access to an infinitely multi-facetted world…
A social and cultural mix is crucial in this experimental method, with its sights set on a multi-disciplinary model, a place of transition and mediation. This involves several conditions and rules to be complied with: recognition of and respect for others, responsibility for one’s own commitments, and a refusal of mediocrity. Starting out from this, it is possible to dream, come to terms with reality, reconsider the world’s wealth, and make a difference. And have a good laugh, to boot!

Art is what makes life more interesting than art.
Robert Filliou

Out of the Box is a private program which, from autumn 2015 onward, will bring together some thirty young people hailing from different social and cultural backgrounds, in the hands of a high quality team of teachers. The methods adopted by Out of the Box are regularly evaluated both in terms of their spirit and their educational content, and the results obtained.

Conditions of admission:
For students aged between 15 and 20: applicants must speak and write French properly, and undertake to follow the program proposed for at least three months.
The young people talking part in the Out of the Box program are selected on the basis of an application form and an oral presentation of their reasons for wanting to join the program, in front of a selection committee.

Apprenticesehip program:
The program is based on an original method whose main goals are the development of greater self-confidence and a sense of well-being helping students to recognize the pleasures of learning by way of specific educational activities. It is organized on the basis of a series of workshops dealing with three major successive themes, run respectively by competent and recognized people.
• Self-discovery and self-knowledge (3 months)
• Discovery and knowledge of things around us (3 months)
• Discovery and knowledge of the world (3 months).

Looking towards the Future:
The multidisciplinary Out of the Box team works hand-in-hand with each and every participant in the development of their future projects: going back to school, art and crafts education…
Diane Hennebert, coordinator of the Out of the Box project
Catherine Dutordoir, psycho-pedagogic counsellor
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