Expats in Brussels, settling and living in Brussels


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Chalks Corriette - President.
The ‘Capital of Europe’ is a bubbling melting pot of
cultures, which is reflected in the city’s wide range of
businesses and associations. There are people from
each corner of the world and every walk of life living
and working in Belgium. This makes us an ideal organization
to connect the dots and offer people a space to
develop friendships while building strong communities.
We develop activities for adults, young people and
children. We have a strong global presence and have
established a reputation locally as a reliable social
partner and useful support to business.
The purpose of People to People International is to
enhance international understanding and friendship
through educational,cultural and humanitarian
activities involving the exchange of ideas and
experiences directly among peoples of different
countries and diverse cultures.
Please do join us each week at one of our regular
activities - job club, coffee morning, networking
events and workshops.