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Posted on 19.05.2020

Residence in Belgium's formalities

IRISbox is the online one-stop-shop for regional and local services for the region of Brussels-Capital. Citizens and businesses can consult online documents, have access to interactive forms to request documents as well as carry out administrative procedures around the clock (24/7). You can connect with your eID card, the Itsme mobile app or via a token. Certain public procedures do not require any authentication.

The BRIC is the public interest agency that aims to become the technologically neutral, competitive, reliable and high-quality partner of all public institutions in the Brussels-Capital Region that wish to take an informed and proactive approach to introducing innovative and coherent ICT in order to optimise efficiency on the one hand and improve the user-friendliness of the services offered to the people and businesses of Brussels as well as visitors to the Region on the other hand.

A lot of organizations work together towards a ‘safer’ internet. But in this Belgian Better Internet Consortium, the member-organizationswant to look further than that. Whilst a ‘safer internet’ is particularly focussing on the possible risks and the protection of kids and youngsters online, the concept of a ‘better internet’ delivers a mainly positive message.

Dynamic Belgian catalog of resources and initiatives to support children and adolescents online.

European Code Week is a citizens' initiative which aims to teach digital programming and literacy to all in a fun and engaging way.
From 10 to 25/10/2020

The Digital Cafes are events that aim to bring together people from a variety of backgrounds around new technologies. Events take place in various forms: networking, workshops, training, conferences….