"Brussels decoded", What exactly is Brussels today? An Open Online Course entirely dedicated to Brussels!

Posted on 03.03.2021

What you should know about Brussels before arriving

What are the dynamics shaping Brussels today?

The online course "Brussels Decoded" was conceived by a group of academics working on Brussels, with the support of ULB, VUB and the Brussels-Capital Region.
This course is intended for anyone interested in learning more about Brussels.
In French, Dutch and very soon 100% in English.

In six sections, this online course seeks to deconstruct preconceptions about the city, while presenting an introductory overview of the knowledge on Brussels.
its population, geography, cultures, history,its economy, urban planning, administrations...

  1. Brussels, capital of what?
  2. There's a bit of Brussels for everyone!
  3. Brussels, the second most cosmopolitan city in the world?
  4. Brussels, the city of traffic jams?
  5. Brussels, a permanent construction site?
  6. Brussels, administrative city and nest of spies?

It features a formula for the co-creation of knowledge through a permanent and unique dialogue with the participants and Brussels’ society, who can send their suggestions and comments at any time.