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You will find the consulates’ and embassies’ addresses in the phone book (white pages) under “Ambassades– section consulats” or (FR/NL/EN/DE)


Enjoy Summer at Apéro Urbains

Trendy “Apéros Urbains” have been attracting mobs for several years. Every Friday in summer, share an afterwork mix of music, cheerfulness and entertainment with family, friends and colleagues at one of Brussels’ most beautiful panoramic locations, from 17:30 to 23:30. Each Apéro Urbain will be followed by an “Apéro-club” from 23:30 at Fuse, Spirito, K-nal, Mirano or Jeux d’hiver. More info? (FR / NL)



Restopass is a must have for any foreigner looking to discover the 49 preferred restaurants in Brussels ! With your Restopass, each restaurant offers you a 30% discount on your food bill during your first visit. The booklet remains valid during one year and can bring up to 2250 euros savings (maximum 50 euros discount per restaurant). Restopass is available online but also in the major bookshops of Brussels.


Home Delivery with Deliveroo or Restoin

Order online the dishes of the best restaurants in your area delivered in less than 30 bike !


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