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You will find, parks, gardens, theme parks and zoo outside Brussels in our SmartPhone app “Expats in Brussels” under the heading of “Kids”.

GR BRU: 9 walks in Brussels: the volunteers of the asbl GR have set up a network of 9 walks in 13 Brussels’ municipalities. These different walks are assembled in the topo-guide GR BRU. They propose the courses of between 9 and 26 km to walkers. It’s up to you to arrange your itinerary according to how you feel.

To give you inspiration for outings and holidays, get a copy of the “Guide to tourist attractions and museums in Belgium” T 02 504 03 90, available free-of-charge from Toerisme Vlaanderen and the Tourist Information Centres, published each year in English, French and Dutch.

But also the websites:

Whether you prefer to walk, cycle, jog, gallop, picnic, or whatever, there’s plenty of opportunities in the Forêt de Soignes.


And all over Belgium :

Some of the best places to be and things to see in the country. Several places on this list are a feast for the eyes.  There are also a few highly-recommended food stops. Come find out why Belgium is teeming with adventure, history, and breathtaking views that attract international crowds from all over. Just remember to bring your walking shoes.

Visit the fantastic website created by Jen Miller,  "Jens Reviews"

Town Hall Leuven

Town Hall Leuven

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