Green Leisure

You will find, parks, gardens, theme parks and zoo outside Brussels in our SmartPhone app “Expats in Brussels” under the heading of “Kids”.

GR BRU: 9 walks in Brussels: the volunteers of the asbl GR have set up a network of 9 walks in 13 Brussels’ municipalities. These different walks are assembled in the topo-guide GR BRU. They propose the courses of between 9 and 26 km to walkers. It’s up to you to arrange your itinerary according to how you feel.

To give you inspiration for outings and holidays, get a copy of the “Guide to tourist attractions and museums in Belgium” T 02 504 03 90, available free-of-charge from Toerisme Vlaanderen and the Tourist Information Centres, published each year in English, French and Dutch.

But also the websites:

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