The App

Expats In Brussels on your smartphone

Expats in Brussels, the practical guide for settling and living in Brussels, manages its smartphone app in partnership with the Brussels-Europe Liaison Office! Available on the AppStore, in Android Market and on mobile web. 

A simple concept, soon to become essential for those arriving or already living in Brussels: 

An easy way to feel at home in a new city and to find the service, commerce or the activity you need, close to where you are!

The Expats in Brussels App was specially tailored to fit Expats’ needs in Brussels: get around easily, make new friends, find help, manage administration smoothly, discover the best places in town… in a few words, feel autonomous !

Inspired from the Expats in Brussels guide, already praised as the most comprehensive source of practical information and advice on settling and living in Brussels, information in the App is divided into 11 useful, regularly updated categories: socialising, mobility, culture, spoerts, S.O.S, shopping, settling, services, schools, BELO (for « Brussels-Europe Liaison Office »), and Order (the guide !).