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Banks have branches which offer a complete range of banking and financial services. Despite the development of e-banking, you are always welcome for a personal and multilingual contact:

To open a bank account you need a passport or a national ID card for European citizens.

A bank, a priori, does not charge for the opening of an account in one of its agencies.

For a checking account you should expect to pay between 25 and 100 euros a year for all your bank transactions. You will receive a Maestro bank card (with a secret PIN code (four digits)) which will become your most common method of payment. But attention, It’s not a credit card. It can’t be used outside Europe.

All banks now offer the possibility of having a free account online.

If you withdraw your money from a cash machine of a bank which is not yours, you will have to pay charges. Find out more about the maximum amount which you can withdraw for each operation.  It is possible to increase the maximum by a simple request to your banker.

The future is in mobile phone payment.

Mobile payments with the Bancontact/Mister Cash app enables you to make and receive mobile payments quickly and simply. The beneficiary enters the amount, then he receives a QR code immediately. The person who pays scans the QR code, enters his PIN code and it’s paid! It’s free, easy and safe ! Payments can be made between clients from different banks (ING, CBC, BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC, AXA, Belfius, VDK Spaarbank, Argenta, bpost banque, Record banque, Deutsche Bank, ABK Banque, Keytrade, Bank Van Breda et Crelan) Everything is properly explained on the website:

Credit card

The most common in Belgium are : Visa, Mastercard. Credit card companies often propose relevant insurance services.

Most of the banks offer :


E-banking Today, online banking has become indispensable and accessible to all via PCs and smartphones. There is no bank which does not offer its services online.

How can it be done ?

• To open a current account without going to a cashier and to receive a maestro card (not a credit card)
• To manage your daily banking : consultation of accounts, payment of invoices, transfers, managing orders, managing share portfolio (buying-selling)…
• To open a savings account. Nevertheless for saving solutions more complex, it is necessary to pass by a branch.
• Certain insurance products may be subscribed online as long as you are a client of the bank. For more complex products, you can often make a simulation online and then take an appointment with your banker.
• For credit requests, it is possible to make an online request if you are a client of the bank. For some small credits, it is possible to receive a quick reply and an immediate signature. Certain mortgage loans may be done online with certain banks, at a fixed rate and for a certain amount. For this type of credit, it is useful to go to the bank as each case is particular. This also allows for a margin of negotiation, often significant. An online simulation is always possible and strongly advised.

Banks’ opening hours

Generally from 9 am to 1 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. Some banks are open on Saturday mornings from 9 am to 12 noon.

The new National Bank (la Banque Nationale) museum is offering us a journey into the history of money. From its beginning until today, the scenography presents a timeline  marked with exceptional pieces, “the most beautiful historic and numismatic collection” confides Jan Smets of LLB on January 16, 2018.

The headquarters of the Credit Union of Brussels (l’Union du Crédit de Bruxelles) built in 1872 and entirely renovated and which houses this new museum is the perfect example of what represents banking architecture in the industrial area of Belgium.

Money in every day life, Belgian money, money across history, the Euro, a child’s bankbook,

experts and amateurs will not be left out.

Musée de la Banque Nationale
Rue Montagne aux herbes Potagères, 57 – 1000 Bruxelles
T 02 221 22 06 ou 02 221 36 21

From Monday to Friday from 9h till 17h. 



Banks which offer you all services

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The number one financial comparison site in Belgium. 

Private banking

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Your bank will be able to advise you on managing your finances, although it will not take any responsibility for this. The management of your assets by the bank is known as ‘private banking’. Private banking is con- ducted in Belgium by credit institutions, stockbrokers, asset management companies and companies giving investment advice. The profession is closely regulated and controlled by the CBFA. You will find a list of the banks and stockbrokers based in Belgium which are members of the ABB (Association belge des Banques et des Sociétés de bourse) at:

This site also offers a mediation service for the financial sector.




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