Good to know

If your credit card is lost 
or stolen

070 344 344

International standard account identifier

It’s important to know your IBAN code (identifies your own account) and BIC code (each bank has its own). 
Incorrect PIN Code three times in succession : your card will be rendered invalid.


For more détails please see the extremely comprehensive website (FR/NL/EN/DE)

The micro-factory

The in Anderlecht provides a creative space for amateur crafts people and professionals. It’s the occasion to exchange advice and skills, and also to relocate production in the city. A shared workshop in which you can lend or stock your material. This works with a monthly flexible membership. It will cost between 50 and 150 Euros per month.
Register online, create your profile, and choose your formula and pay.  From this moment, you’ll never be alone in your workshop.
You hesitate? There are guided tours.

Recy K
Quai Fernand Demets, 55  - 1070 Anderlecht

Discount currency trransfer


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