Les réseaux féminins à Bruxelles Un nouveau club féminin voit le jour en Belgique.

Posté le 05.10.2018

Associations Internationales

NOUVEAU À BRUXELLES: Le samedi 27 octobre à Bruxelles, le petit-déjeuner Global Woman Club Brussels sera une journée complète pour lancer cette nouvelle association.

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De plus  en plus d’associations vous proposent de réunir et partager les forces féminines.

Pour des raisons sociales, ce n’est que du plaisir, pour des raisons professionnelles, ce n’est que de l’efficacité.

Les clubs en vue :

Global Woman Club

Woman on board

American Woman’s club

Femmes d’Europe

Accueil des françaises

Club Montgomery

Mais aussi  :

PWI (Professional Women International Brussels)
Boulevard Saint-Michel, 47 – 1040 Etterbeek
www.pwi.be - www.facebook.com/PWIBrussels
Professional Women International est une plate-forme de réseautage international à Bruxelles pour les femmes de tous les secteurs professionnels. Fondée en 1991, PWI est une association sans but lucratif. Cette organisation dynamique se consacre à la promotion et l'amélioration des femmes de différentes nationalités, différentes cultures et diffrents milieux professionnels.

T 010 495 987
Un réseau d’affaires au féminin : Le réseau Diane accompagne activement les indépendantes, les chefs d’entreprise, les femmes artisans et les titulaires de professions libérales, de la création à la croissance de leurs entreprises. 

Women in Business
Le site Women In Business est le portail de l’entrepreneuriat féminin en Région de Bruxelles-Capitale

The GLOBAL WOMAN EMPOWERMENT IN BUSINESS EVENT on Saturday 27 October in Brussels is a full day experience to launch the Global Woman Club Brussels Breakfast.
This event will help us all to believe in feminine values that both women and men share, and the need to make this world more equitable, humane and sustainable.
We have brought together the most successful speakers and leaders who are redefining the pathways to power —in business, in communities and in the social causes they champion.
The Global Woman Club is designed to help you as a woman grow, through having greater confidence and self-belief, and to empower yourself through gaining financial freedom to live the life that you want to lead.
Global Woman is on a mission to encourage women to come together and play a role in building and empowering themselves to be a leader in business, social enterprises, and their communities.
The Global Woman Business Forum will inspire, encourage and empower you to achieve greater wealth, health and success, regardless of your background or age, and to take action and take charge of your life.
On Saturday 27 October you will be given the tools and self-belief to empower you to financial freedom, as well as the courage to create, start or build your own business, or take it to the next level with your established business.
The speakers at this event are all entrepreneurs and leaders, who are passionate about their area of expertise and are happy to share quality tips and techniques for your growth and empowerment.
Registerhere for FREE:
Information request:brussels@globalwomanclub.com
 Venue: Hotel Steigenberger Wiltcher's - Avenue Louise 71, Brussels
Date: October 27th

Global Woman Club, what is it ?
-      International network of business women, startedin in March 2016, whichorganises business conferencesand masterminds, Publisher of 3 magazines and books, ownsa TV and Radio Show
-      Fastestgrowingbusiness womennetworking club, with20 clubs acrossthe worldin 11 countries -Paris, Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles, Chicago, Gothenburg, Johannesburg, Stockholm, Vienna, … and new clubs openingsoon–Monaco, Frankfurt, etc.
-      An online communityof +45.000 followers withbusiness womenand professionnals
-      Workingand partening with multiple international celebrities such as: Dr Ervin Laszlo –twicenominatedNobel Prize, Kim Kiyosaki, Mary Buffet, OnaBrown, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Brian Tracy, Les Brown, Miss UniverseTanzaniaFlavianaMatata, etc.
-      Everymonth, everyclub organises a Business Breakfast, with+/-50 entrepreneurs

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