14/02 - Anti-Valentine Afterwork & Party - The Love is Red - free entrance

Posté le 08.02.2019

As we approach 14th of Feb, a question forced upon everyone's minds is how they'll be spending Valentine's Day - A romantic dinner enjoyed by few and suffered through by many?

Well if you see the date more of a Single Awareness Day, a Singletine’s or, whatever you wanna call it - then our Anti-Valentine's Afterwork Party is certainly something to look forward to - a none romantic revelry for those who have recently consciously uncoupled, singles, or are still in a couple but have consciously committed to a candlelit dinners!

Our Anti-Valentine's Day Party is something everyone can sign up for, so what are you waiting for? Spread the word and gather all your girl/boyfriends who are as over (Valentine’s Day) as you are, and set yourself up for madness, as we’ll be having the best afterwork party in town at the stylish Radisson Red near place lux, where our dj will be spinning empowering numbers from TLC, Beyonce and Destiny's Child.

Spread the word among your friends and come to mix and mingle as a single - enjoy some food and unwind to the DJ beats.


Contact : info@european-village.eu

Website : www.facebook.com/events/604253789987309