28/04 - Bluebells of Hallerbos Trip by Expat Club

Posté le 15.04.2019

For a few weeks per year the Hallerbos (Forest of Halle) transforms into a truly magical place when its forest floor is covered with a purple carpet of bluebells. Millions of little flowers are spread out over a wide area in the forest, creating something that you have never seen before. We arranged official forest guides to show us around. Learn about the forest’s rich history that goes back many centuries, as well its flora and fauna. There will be plenty of time for taking pictures and to simply enjoy these natural colours. Expat Club travels for the 5th consecutive year to the Hallerbos (always fully booked), and we hope to see you on board this year.

Contact : https://expatclub.org/event/bluebells-of-hallerbos-halle/

Website : expatclub.org