27/04 - Opal Coast & Boulogne sur Mer Trip by Expat Club

Posté le 15.04.2019

One of our most beloved trips, and back on the calendar for the first time since 2017 after 6 amazing trips! The beautiful Côte d’Opale, with its magnificent coastal landscape, begins just two hours outside of Brussels. This part of the French coastline received its name for its bright iridescent light. It stretches out about 120 kilometers from the Belgian border to Picardy. The 40 kilometers between the cities of Calais and Boulogne sur Mer are the most spectacular, and that is exactly the part of the country that we are going to discover. Besides wonderful wide beaches (with low tide), rolling hills with yellow flowers, and lovely little towns, it is known for two spectacular viewpoints, the Cap Blanc Nez and the Cap Griz Nez. You can even wave to England from there! We top this with visits to the harbour cities of Dunkirk and Calais, the Vauban-walled town of Gravelines, the resort town Wimereux with its many Art Nouveau houses, and the historic city of Boulogne sur Mer. This is truly a superb day out!

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