Visit an outstanding private contemporary art collection

Posté le 20.02.2022

Galila’s P.O.C (Passion-Obsession-Collection), an exciting contemporary art space, welcomes you in Forest with the permanent exhibition "Overdose".
This Brussels contemporary "cabinet of curiosities" draws its source from the collection of Galila Barzilaï. Through some twenty themes filled with humor and eclectic (such as the eye, the book, the chair or recycling), Galilas' POC presents a striking range of ultra-contemporary artists from the four corners of the globe; from established artists to others not (yet) represented by galleries.
By guiding the tours in small groups in order to foster exchange, we want to share Galila's passion with the visitors and get them out of their daily lives, bringing a smile on their face. Open only by appointment for groups, or by reservation via, Galila’s P.O.C aims to be a place free from all prejudices and open to the world.

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