Create your bespoke Fragrance!

Posté le 23.06.2020

Olfactive Discovery and Perfume-Making Worshop 

Delve into the fascinating world of scents and fragrances and discover the greatest perfume ingredients, where these come from and how they are made.

Learn how a perfume is created and its various concentrations.
Take part to interactive blind tests to practice your sense of smell, discover the main fragrance families and commercial perfumes which illustrate perfume raw materials.

Try out blending materials and get a sense of the art of perfume making.

Create your bespoke fragrance (30 ml) based on selected accords and notes, with the friendly support of an olfactive designer.

Duration: 4 hours                                            
Public : Adults and teenagers from 14 years old

For a friendly qualitative and safe experience, the number of participants is limited to 6.
Face masks, protection shields, gloves and hydro-alcoholic gel will be at your disposal during the activity. You will be able to work with individual perfumery materials.In addition, the workshop space is set up so as to offer enough space between participants and can be directly ventilated as it has access to a small garden.

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