IB and A-levels tutoring

Posté le 12.10.2020

Hi there!

My name is Jeanne, and I'm a 21 year-old university student from Brussels, Belgium. I currently study Social Anthropology and Politics at the University of Edinburgh. I speak French, Dutch and English, as well as basic notions of Italian.

I graduated from the United World College of Southern Africa, where I obtained an almost perfect score of 44/45. The IB was an incredible experience that was absolutely foundational in the way I view the world today.

Ever since, I have worked as a tutor and workshop leader in the social sciences (anthropology, peace and conflict studies and politics), English literature and/or language theatre studies and environmental science, as well as general study and essay writing skills.

My approach is highly interactive; depending on the student's preferences, I make use of visuals, writing methods, and even role-play to better grasp the course material. Additionally, I pay close attention to the mental well being of students, giving them stress-relief tips and suggestions for more effective time managemenr, particularly in times of a global pandemic.

I tutor a range of topics, for IB as well as GSCE and A-levels, and can do classes in-person or online.

Please reach out if interested!

All best,

Jeanne Coppens

Contact : jeannecop@gmail.com