Fresh Madn77 teas, tisanes and chai

Posté le 24.06.2020

My name is Naina and I own a tea company called Madn77 which specializes in personalized tea, tisane, and chai. All my teas are made by hand and only made when orders come in, resulting in a minimum of "waste". My blends are based on times of the day and each blend has its own purpose. My chai is "authentic Indian chai" created by our in-house chai guru, Ami.

I created this brand because I felt the world was starting to take a negative turn. So I wanted to bring joy, with a nice fresh tea feeling. I remember when I was growing up, my mom had tea for every moment. Whether I was feeling sick, stressed, sad, unable to sleep, she always had a tea for me and it brought a comforting smile to my face. This is even more important in these times.

We are in challenging times in so many different ways. I created this brand to take some form of stress from you away, so when you sip our tea, you can take that moment for yourself you deserve.
So sit back, select the tea(s) you want, and take that well deserved moment for yourself. We have your back.

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