Boost your Mind-Body Wellbeing Abroad

Posté le 16.01.2022

Are you an expat or living abroad?
Are you feeling overwhelmed or irritated while navigating through transitions in your life?
Would you like to improve your energy and feel more in balance with yourself and the ones you love?
Would you like to better understand your kids and teens and be able to guide them through a healthier path?

Join then our Free Webinar on January 27th @ 10:00 am

You will discover a method that helps you cope with challenging situations abroad.
You will gain practical knowledge to help you build a healthy lifestyle anywhere
You will get tips to improve your communication.
You will gain insight to what happens to your kids/teens when they live in a different culture from their parents’.
You will understand the basics of a healthy family meal.
You will learn how to listen to your body in different situations and relationships.
Please find the information below and enroll yourself! Looking forward to seeing you online!

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