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Posté le 17.12.2019

Do you find yourself at a point in your life where you go through a hard time and you do not know what to do or you feel no strong enough to control it?
Do you go through a difficult time in life where you face difficulties with family members, significant others, friends, colleagues, superiors and subordinates?
Do you feel powerless and not confident enough to overcome the struggles and to reach your goals?
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I am your professional Life Coach who is skilled and trained to listen to you, to understand you and to help you to move from where you are to where you want to be. I will support you in building your own strengths to positively deal with your challenges and overcome them effectively.
I hold a PhD in Mental Health, an MSc in Counselling and an MBA in International Business.
Depending on your situation, I apply my expertise in Personal Coaching and in Executive Coaching.
Personal Coaching includes: Stress Reduction, Confidence building, Relationships Coaching, Family Counselling, Grief and loss Coaching, Retirement Coaching.
Executive coaching includes:
Leadership, Team Building, Staff coaching, Gender mainstreaming, Work related Stress coaching, Career building.

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