Looking for a great nanny or occassional babysitter?! Nanny nina Brussels is the answer!

Posté le 12.03.2018

Need a reliable, screened babysitter in Brussels? or an occasional (last-minute) babysitter?

A good and reliable babysitter is very important!
This is why we screen all of our babysitters personally before we place them online.

Round 1. Profile check
First we check if the candidate meets the basic requirements. We check experience with babysitting, education and age.

Round 2. Online and social media check
We search for strange things that you cannot find when you only read a CV. Facebook profiles give extra insight and help to decide if the candidate matches our expectations of a Nanny Nina babysitter.

Round 3. Personal talk
In this final round we invite the candidates for a personal talk. We interview the babysitter and judge their experience with babysitting. We ask them how they would respond to several situations that often occur during babysitting. We check if the candidate can adequately respond to unexpected situations, we ask for reference(s) and of course check whether they match the Nanny Nina profile!

Check out our website for more information (www.nannynina.be)
If you have any questions feel free to drop me an e-mail: sophie@nannynina.be

Contact : sophie@nannynina.be

Website : www.nannynina.be