Mobile women/spouses in Belgium

Posté le 13.05.2019

Dear everyone,

My name is Sarah Smit and I am a PhD student in Sociology at UCLouvain. My PhD focuses on the educational/professional trajectories of mobile women from India, DRC or the US who settled down in Belgium through a family reunification program (to reunite with their partner) and then went back to higher studies. The aim is to understand the difficulties and constraints faced by these mobile women in a foreign country (difficult recognition of previous diplomas, difficulties to deal with study responsibilities an family life, difficult access to the labour market, etc.).

To be able to do so, I am looking to get in touch with women in this situation!

Thus, if you're a woman originate from India, from the US or from DRC (Congo); if you arrived in Belgium through a family reunification procedure; if you decided to (re)enter higher education here; and if you're willing to share your experience with me (anonymously) then please, contact me at : or 0492/02.61.78.

Do not hesitate to circulate this call amongst your contact!

Thank you very much for everyone's consideration!


Contact :