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Altair Global

Bosdellestraat, 120 Box 8 - 1933 Zaventem
+ 32 (0)2 785 09 85
Fax 02 785 09 99

Contact : Véronique Fauconnier
Member of EuRA & ABRA
We are a company that has always had a solid foundation built on helping people. Our foundation is what’s made it easy for us to evolve and transform into the global leader you see today.

Altair Global started as a business that focused on high-quality, B2B global mobility solutions. Our company foundation has also always – from the very beginning – focused on culture, quality, flexibility, and independence.

Although we’ve experienced a few transformations along the way, our founding principles have seen us through. Today, we’re a management-owned company, and we’ve become the largest independent, full-service, global mobility services company.

We have never had a parent company, subsidiaries, or affiliates – so we are quick decision makers, 100% mobility-focused, and transparent with our supply chain. This means that, throughout our history, our focus has been on providing excellent service to our clients and maintaining a culture that keeps our team members dedicated to our global mission